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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Out with the Bad! Without the Bad
Vaporall eCigs contains no burning of tobacco, inhaling of second-hand smoke, or any burning substances.
Smoking Freedom with Electronic Cigarette Smoking Freedom
Vaporall eCigs grants you the freedom to choose an alternative that is best for you. Have full control and choose your own nicotine level.
Electronic Cigarettes are Doctor Recommended Doctors & Dentists
Doctors and Dentists are recommending Vaporall to patients as a preferred alternative to smoking cigarettes.
Be Proud to Smile with Vaporall Be Proud to Smile
Ecigs will not stain teeth yellow or leave offensive smokers breath like cigarettes.
Get the same smoke look with Vaporall Looks Like Smoke
Produces vapor resembling smoke which after exhalation leaves a pleasant aroma that is quickly odorless upon dispersal.
Adding Some Personality with Vaporall Adding Some Personality
Fully customize your eCig with color tanks and color batteries. Whatever your mood may be, your eCig can match it.
Save money with Vaporall! Save Money with Vaporall
The cost to smoke a Vaporall eCig is significantly lower compared to smoking cigarettes. Switching to Vaporall could save you over $1,000 per year.
No Ordors or Burn No Odor, No Burns
No unpleasant burn marks or ashes on furniture, clothing, or car interiors and does not leave offensive odors or dangerous toxic residues like cigarette smoke.
Others Appreciate Vaporall Others Appreciate it
Does not burn tobacco, allows smoking indoors, and maintains a pleasant environment for non-smokers.
All Sizes All Sizes
Vaporall offers eCigs from the shape and size of regular cigarettes to the size of cigars. The choice is simply yours.
Electronic Cigarette smoke anywhere Vape Freely
Be yourself, Don't bother others.
Convenience Convenience
Vaporall eCigs are powered by rechargeable batteries, and thus eliminating the need for lighters.

Most smokers are now finally aware of the harmful effects of smoking and have begun looking for smoking alternatives to avoid these hazardous effects. Electronic cigarettes have become one of the most effective smoking alternatives over the past few years. Electronic cigarettes are quite similar in taste and look with traditional cigarettes. However, Electronic cigarettes do not burn or use tobacco!

There are also other smoking alternatives like nicotine patches, prescription tablets, and nicotine gums, yet electronic cigarettes are mostly preferred by smokers as it fulfills their smoking desires. Electronic cigarettes produce the similar oral fixation and the tactile sensation that you get from actual cigarettes. If you are looking for a better smoking alternative then there is nothing better than Vaporall electronic cigarettes.