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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an electronic cigarette (eCig)?

  • An electronic device that vaporizes the e-liquid into a mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking by producing vapor.
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What is E-Liquid?

  • A special liquid for producing vapor in electronic cigarettes that consist of USP Propylene Glycol (PG), USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and natural/artificial flavoring.
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How long do the e-liquids last?

  • Depending on the user, a 12ml bottle is or may be equivalent to a carton (10 packs) of cigarettes.
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What is an atomizer?

  • The atomizer is the heating element that screws onto the battery in an ecig that produces vapor.
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How long does the atomizer last?

  • Depending on the user, eCig care, and maintenance, your atomizer will last up to 150,000 puffs. That’s over twice as long as our nearest competitor! Regular maintenance and upkeep can keep your atomizer going for months and months with heavy usage.
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Why does eliquid gargle or leak into my mouth when I inhale?

  • This may occur if you accidentally poured eliquid down the center airway intake. If this occur, simply blow down through your mouthpiece and the excess eliquid will go directly down onto your battery. Remove your battery from the atomizer and clean both connections with a tissue. After cleaning the connections you may screw your atomizer back onto your battery and began using your eCig.
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Can I wash the atomizer?

  • Even though you can, we do not recommend washing atomizers unless flavors are absolutely tainted. Each time you wash your atomizer it may degrade the heating element which then can reduce the vapor production. But when rinsing atomizer, use hot water and make sure you let it dry completely for 24-48 hours before refilling with eliquid. If you refill with eliquid before the wicks are completely dry, no vapor production will occur. It will take some puffs to allow the eliquid to take over the wick to begin producing vapor again.
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How long does the battery last?

  • Depending on the model our battery will last anywhere between 4-48 hours of constant usage and is rechargeable.
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How do I maintain my battery?

  • Make sure to clean battery and atomizer connection for any excess eliquid before plugging in to charger.
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How much can I save by switching over to an electronic cigarette?

  • If you spent $5 per pack per day, you are looking at approximately $110-150 savings per month! Try our saving calculator for a more accurate calculation.
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Can I use the eCig anywhere?

  • Most smoking bans typically are aimed directly at tobacco smoke. Our product does not contain tobacco or smoke so it can be used where traditional smoking bans exist. We do recommend explaining what you are doing prior to avoid confusions.
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Can an eCig help me quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?

  • We make no claims as to the success this product may have for use as a smoking cessation device. Ecigs can be used an alternative to traditional smoking that allows you to control your nicotine intake.
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Are eCigs healthier than traditional cigarettes?

  • Current restriction by the FDA and other regulating bodies prohibit us from making any health claims at this time. However, we can assure you that our e-liquids are produced in the USA. Our E-liquids are made from the highest quality USP grade ingredients and produced on stainless steel tables in dust free environment.
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How old do I need to be to buy an eCig? Should anyone avoid using this product?

  • We only sell our products to adults of the age 18 or older. Generally, people with heart conditions and/or is pregnant/breast feeding should not use this device. Non-smokers should also not use this device. Our products may contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. We recommend consulting with your physician prior to using an eCig.
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